'In fact, the world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome dubious eggs called possibilities."


“We said things, and we’ll get over them in time.”
But he stood up, and turned and looked out over the water, and Olive thought he had to turn away because he knew what he said wasn’t true.
They would never get over that night. And it wasn’t because…. No, they would never get over that night because they had said things that altered how they saw each other.”

Elizabeth Strout, from Olive Kitteridge

Goodreads and Good Homework Ideas

I came across this book report on youtube of RUNNING ON EGGS by Klementine Klein.

Have you also done one? Share your ideas! I'd love to know.

BEING ROMEO a one-act comedy of errors. PLAYS Magazine.
A short story of friendship, romance and an oncology ward. First published in Cicada Magazine, won second place in the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award Competition in 2006
This poem was first published in Cicada Magazine, June 2006 won first prize SCBWI Magazine Merit Award, 2007.
by Anna Levine, first published in Cricket Magazine, 2004. Translated into Spanish
This poem was first published in Cricket Magazine, January, 2005 1st runner up of SCBWI magazine merit award 2006
And yet another poem to share