BEING ROMEO is a one-act comedy of errors in which Sarah, a young want-to-be actress arrives late for an audition to find that the judges have left and only Tom, the janitor, remains. As she watches him clean up, she shares her dreams, frustrations and intimate details from her life only to learn that Tom is not who she thought he was, and Tom realizes that sometimes one can find gold when least expecting it.

PLAYS Magazine. Boston, Massachusetts

BEING ROMEO a one-act comedy of errors. PLAYS Magazine.
A short story of friendship, romance and an oncology ward. First published in Cicada Magazine, won second place in the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award Competition in 2006
This poem was first published in Cicada Magazine, June 2006 won first prize SCBWI Magazine Merit Award, 2007.
by Anna Levine, first published in Cricket Magazine, 2004. Translated into Spanish
This poem was first published in Cricket Magazine, January, 2005 1st runner up of SCBWI magazine merit award 2006
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