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Today...Temper Tantrums

March 22, 2012

Tags: Writing Tips

Who hasn't experienced a temper tantrum?

But what happens when it's one of your characters....

When my characters are having a temper tantrum and refuse to do anything but glare at me in silence, I play the three ‘what ifs’. This really works. You think of the first thing your character would do in their situation. That’s the most obvious one to come up with. Then you come up with an alternative. But the third one, the one which is the hardest to come up with, is often the most interesting course to take.


  1. April 16, 2012 7:23 AM IDT
    This is a great exercise! I think too often I attempt to put myself in the character's situation, rather than to figure out what the character would do in his or her circumstances. I think this separation is difficult to make, but the tips you offer here will definitely help.
    - AMS

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